DESINOPE has been able to understand the economic framework of the energy business, offering us the right solutions to position ourselves with solvency in the market.

Juan José Hernández - CEO of GreenE Waste to Energy, S.L.

With DESINOPE I know I'm always one step ahead of my competitors in the use of he most advanced Digital Technologies.

Joaquín Garrido - CEO of Clave Informática, S.L.

The interaction we have had with DESINOPE's technicians has allowed us to focus or research challenges, being able to adapt them to a favorable economic framework to ensure their sustainability.

José Santos - CEO of Osmofilter, S.L.

I have been working side by side with their professionals for many years and have always had an adequate response to any of our technical challenges.

Luis Ferrándiz - CEO of Tempe Diseño, S.A.

When a scientific concept must become a market product, I know I have to go to DESINOPE.

Professor Chris Nester - School of Health Sciences, University of Salford

We chose DESINOPE not only for its technical excellence, but also because they know how to meet the deadlines and the budget.

Iván Sabatell - CEO of AluGroup, S.L.

The permanent contact that DESINOPE has with the most advanced Digital Technologies, assures us that its investment proposals of innovative products and services are totally breakthrough.

Marti Calderon - CEO of AETAS, Grupo AIC Co..

The technological proposals of DESINOPE allowed us to gain competitive advantages in a sector as competitive as the leather finishing, which allowed us to successfully compete at international level.

Pascual Abellán - CEO of Acabados Abellán, S.L.

Their knowledge of the textile sector, allows DESINOPE to design technological solutions perfectly adapted to the economy constraints and requirements of our sector.

Felipe Carrasco - Tech. Director of ATEVAL (Valencian Textile Enterprises Association)

I enjoy working with DESINOPE: for them, there are no technical limits that cannot be overcome.

Luis Maestre - CEO of Susy Shoes Group

A traditional sector, such as footwear and components manufacture, require products and services in which the economic impact surpasses the scientifc advance, something that DESINOPE has understood in all the solutions they developed for our partners.

Álvaro Navarro - Secretary-general of AEC (Footwear Component Spanish  Association)

Contact with DESINOPE engineers has allowed us to advance in the practical application of robotic technology in traditional manufacturing sectors.

Juán Montoya - CEO of EDS Robotics, S.L.

When the problem is a matter of design an innovative sport footwear with advanced functional and biomechanical features, DESINOPE professionals have always been able to respond to the challenge with imagination and technology.

Carlos García - CEO of KELME

Opening new markets outside Spain, has been easier with the guidance and support of DESINOPE.

Vicente Segarra - CEO of Ingeniería de Procesos, Asesoramientos y Planificación, S.L.